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Membership Benefits

Why, are The Tanning Spot Memberships so Amazing?
  • Best Price.

  • No cancellation fees.

  • 2 visits, per month pays for the monthly membership.

  • Membership upgrade discounts. ($25 for any Sun – Spray - Wellness)

  • 1 Free Spa service in most memberships.

*Some conditions may apply. 3 months minimum commitment

Spa Memberships

Best Value_edited.png
Platinum Membership
$149 per month

Unlimited Vitamin D Tanning, Red Light Deluxe & Organic Spray + 8 mix & match Wellness/Spa Services.

Choose from:

  • Cryotherapy – Poly-Rejuv Red Light

  • Infrared Salt Sauna – Infrared Body Wrap

  • Infrared Sauna Massage Pod – Pressotherapy

  • Blue Light Therapy Acne-Eliminating.

Spa Membership
$99 per month

Unlimited Collagen Red Light Pro Therapy + 5 mix and match wellness/spa services

Zen Membership
$59 per month

4 Sessions in “any”

(Sun – Spray – Wellness)

That’s $14 per session!

Organic Spray Memberships

Best Value_edited.png
Velvet Rope Membership
$119 per month

Unlimited Versa Pro Spray tans, Red Light Deluxe & Deluxe Vitamin D Tanning + 1 Spa Service per month

Airbrush Spray Plus
$95 per month

Unlimited Versa Pro Sprays &

Unlimited Red Light Pro + 1 Service per month


Cryo - Sauna

(Mon 10am -  4pm)

Versa Pro Membership
$69 per month

Unlimited Clear Versa Pro Heated Sunless

Sun Tanning Memberships

Best Value_edited.png
Tan Deluxe Membership
$99 per month
Level 5

vitamin d

KBL 7000 W/Red Light facial - Stand Up Deluxe & below.

+ 1 Spa Service per month

(10am – 4pm)

Tan Pro Membership
$79 per month
Level 4

KBL 6700 – Hybrid Sun -High Pressure & below.

+ 1 Service per month


Cryo – Sauna Pro – Red light Pro

(Mon 10am – 4 pm)

Tan Lite Membership
$59 per month
Level 3

KBL 4800 – TS-60 & below.

+1 Service per month


Cryo – Sauna Pro – Red light Pro

(Mon 10am – 4 pm)

Monthly auto debt is subject to applicable taxes. Must incur 2 complete auto-debit cycle. Products sold separately. Teeth Whitening products not included in monthly memberships. Monthly Membership Sessions do not role over.  Other terms and conditions may apply. Membership cancellations need to be in writing with 30 days in advance.  Discounts can’t be combined with other offers. Free sessions expires in 2 years. Call for details.

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