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Blue Surface


  • Increases muscle recovery rate

  • Reduces inflammation, pain and soreness

  • Increases energy, reduces fatigue

  • Promotes collagen production

  • Burns up to 800 calories per session

  • Revitalizes skin

  • Reduces stressors, enhances mood

  • Improves circulation


True beauty comes from within – and from without. After all, just a few minutes of extreme-cold treatment in the cryo booth are all it takes to give anyone that healthy glow! Whole-body cryotherapy reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol, allowing muscles to relax and boosting metabolism. In addition, the body reacts to cold by producing more collagen – a requirement for healthy skin with vital elasticity.

Experts agree that extremely low temperatures support the medical treatment of various symptoms. The use of cold air alleviates inflammations and pain since the body undergoes a physiological reaction to dramatic cooling at temperatures below –80°C. 

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