Unlimited Tanning

Starting $24.95

We take pride in providing the most effective and sanitary indoor tanning options available.  Our tanning equipment are maintained regularly to ensure our customers develop and maintain the best possible tan they can achieve.  

TS Hybrid Booth: The perfect full-body tan (9 min max).
Our nine minute Hybrid standup booth uses 3 different types of tanning bulbs-different facial, body, and leg bulbs ensure that each part of your body develops an even and stunning tan.  The Hybrid uses High Pressure facial bulbs that can be turned off at anytime during the session for added comfort. This booth also offers high intensity leg bulbs to help boost the color of difficult-to-tan-legs, and dark bronzing body bulbs for an overall spectacular tan.

TS Hybrid Lay-down: (10 min max).
Similar to our Hybrid stand up, the Hybrid lay-down uses High Pressure facial bulbs and shoulder bulbs that can be turned off at anytime during the session. This comfortable 10 minute bed uses high intensity bulbs to get you your darkest in as little as 4-5 sessions.

TS High Pressure Booth: For a Fast Tan that Lasts 
(10 min max).
High pressure quartz-halogen bulbs offer the deepest, longest lasting tan in our High Pressure stand up. Once you establish your gorgeous base tan, 2 to 3 visits a month is all you'll need to maintain your desired shade. TS High Pressure filters block out most harmful UVB rays so your tan will look great and last longer.

TS 60: The base tan booster (8 min max).
The TS 60 is ideal for developing the fastest possible base tan.  This is our fastest tanning booth, capable of giving you a gorgeous base tan in only 2 to 3 sessions with one of our fabulous lotions.  Easily maintain your tan using the TS 60 in only five minutes, 1 to 2 sessions per week. This incredible booth will have you looking like you've spent the past month basking in the Caribbean sun.

TS 54: (10 min max).
The TS-54 is an exceptional standup that'll give you a striking golden complexion in 4-5 sessions, with only 2-3 sessions per week maintenance. 

TS 42: Right-off-the-beach tan (11 min max).
The most affordable booth we offer will give you a lovely,  off-the-beach complexion  and a base tan in just 5 to 6 sessions.